Registration for the 2020 Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) program closes in two weeks.
If your house has not been retrofitted but qualifies for the EBB $3,000 retrofit grant,
register now before it’s too late.
It’s not a matter of “if” an earthquake will happen but “when”. Scientists say there is a greater than 99 percent chance of a strong earthquake striking California in the next 30 years. EBB helps homeowners lessen the potential for damage during an earthquake by offering $3,000 toward a seismic retrofit for houses that qualify.
For more information about the EBB program and to register go to
Consider taking steps today to protect your family and your house.
Registration is opennow through March 19, 2020.
If you have questions or need assistance at anytime in the process, we’re here to help. Call 877-232-4300 or email
Note that zip code 91343 while not currently engaged in the program,  may be in the future
Zip 91344 is currently available for application
The EBB Team