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You will have more time to enjoy the Fair and your family will be eligible for a free
Family Emergency Preparedness (EP) Starter Kit.
Only one registration per family is needed:

Top five reasons to get prepared NOW

  1. You live in Southern California.
  2. You might save your own life or the life of a loved one (human or pet).
  3. In a large disaster, emergency services will be overwhelmed
    and won’t be there to help you for days or perhaps weeks.
  4. The first 60 minutes after a disaster are critical for survival.
    Do you have a plan to follow — or will you panic?
  5. When disaster strikes, the time for preparation just ended.
    Do you have food, water, and first-aid supplies at home, in your car, and at the office?
    Don’t forget supplies for your pets! Prepare now!

Are you Ready?

Easy checklists that can help save a life by customizing your kit, securing your home,
preparing for your pet, collecting your vital documents, and more.
We even have a list of suggested places to purchase your supplies to help get you started
on the path to preparedness.

10th Annual Valley Disaster Preparedness Fair

10th Annual Valley Disaster Preparedness Fair