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Lydia Rojas



Here’s a great opportunity to volunteer with Friends of the Family monitoring custody exchanges at either the Mission Hills or West Valley police stations.  Monitors will be trained in assisting parents with severe conflict to exchange their children in a safe, family-friendly environment where their children won’t have to experience seeing their parents argue.  The commitment is 6-12 months for 3 hours/week.  Training and support are provided.  Volunteers should have an interest in working with families, law enforcement and conflict mediation.  Please contact Lydia Rojas at Friends of the Family:  (818) 988-4430.

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  1. Here’s an old but interesting article about the VA Sepulveda Hospital:

    It gives a historical perspective as well as a nutshell view of the controversial projects being planned onsite. Did you know that several movies and TV shows were filmed here, including “Grey’s Anatomy”?

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