Proposed Restaurant Depot Project

UPDATE: The Los Angeles City Planning Commission recommends City Council disapproval of the Proposed Restaurant Depot Project

The City Planning Commission has issued a report to the City Council with a determination mailing date of March 7, 2013, which recommends disapproval of the Proposed Restaurant Depot Project on Chase/Woodley in North Hills West.  The report indicates a final appeal date of March 27, 2013.  To read the entire report, click here.

Please check back with us for additional updates on the status of the Proposed Restaurant Depot Project, including notices on City Council and Planning and Land Use Committee meetings.

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DONE hails the NHWNC Board as the “Dynamic Dozen” that has effectively galvanized the community into victory!

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North Hills West “Dynamic Dozen” Scores Big Land Use Win, Sends Restaurant Depot Back to the Kitchen!

  • February 15, 2013

In September 2012, a slate of twelve newcomers took control of the North Hills West Neighborhood Council after running on a platform to defeat a proposed 82,000 sq. ft. Restaurant Depot development in a single-family home residential community. On Thursday, January 24, the long fight resulted in victory, when the City Planning Commission voted unanimously to deny the Restaurant Depot proposal.

NHWNC Vice-President Robin Tyler, left, and President Tino Julian

Robin Tyler, NHWNC Vice-President, has been a community organizer and activist in the LGBT movement for over 30 years. Tyler was a leader of the first LGBT March on Washington in 1979, and she said of the recent Restaurant Depot campaign, “It has been just as exciting!”

Long-time North Hills West land-use activist Peggy Burgess caught wind of the proposed development and held an emergency public meeting in the summer of 2012. One-hundred residents turned out for the meeting, nearly all in opposition to the project. The residents realized that the existing North Hills West Neighborhood Council board was ineffectual, and that they would have to lead the action themselves.

Tyler recalled that there were Republicans and Democrats, Tea Partiers and Progressives in attendance, but that they were able to unite around this common issue. She said to the group, “You may have seen me on TV, taking positions that are opposite you politically, but that was then and this is now. We have to work together.”

A smaller task force met at Peggy Burgess’ house on a Friday night for wine and hors d’oeuvres to strategize over the best way to proceed, and decided to run as a 12-person slate, the “Dynamic Dozen,” and to take over all of the available seats in the upcoming NHWNC election. They walked every street in North Hills West, going door-to-door and distributing flyers, telling people about the Restaurant Depot project and the election. On the day of the election, over 400 people turned out, more than 10 times as many as in the 2010 election, and all 12 candidates on the slate won by significant margin.

Once seated, the North Hills West “Dynamic Dozen” hired a consultant to advise them moving forward, and continued to rally the community in opposition to the project.

“Dynamic Dozen” Swearing in Ceremony, September 20, 2012.
“We took North Hills West and made it into a Village.”

The board members urged their neighbors to write Councilman Englander’s office, expressing that opposition. Englander eventually drafted a letter to the City Planning Commission recommending that they reject Restaurant Depot’s zone change, explaining that he had never received so many letters and emails on a zoning issue. The board convinced Alan Bell, Deputy Director of City Planning, to visit their community and see for himself if the site was appropriate for such a large project.

At the December 10 City Planning and Land Use Management Committee meeting, NHWNC turned out 80 residents to speak in opposition to Restaurant Depot. At the crucial January 24 City Planning Commission meeting, 30 residents attended, 16 of whom spoke. For their efforts, they were rewarded with a unanimous vote to reject the zone change and to deny Restaurant Depot’s plans.

Robin Tyler said of the campaign, “It’s been one of the most fantastic experiences of my life. We took North Hills West and made it into a village.” She continued, “I worked with several people that I never thought I would work with politically. Some of them are my political opposites, but I love these people. Now I have a lot of great friends.”

On the subject of Neighborhood Councils, Tyler offered, “We are a sleeping giant waking up. We’re growing to be a very strong presence in Los Angeles. We got 400 people to vote for us that didn’t want the Restaurant Depot development. We walked door-to-door. We know how to walk door-to-door for other elections too.”

Update – January 24, 2013:


We are grateful to Councilmember Mitchell Englander, the Los Angeles Planning Department and the City Planning Commission for protecting the residential areas of our neighborhood; and hope that Jetro Cash and Carry/Restaurant Depot is successful in completing their expansion in a more appropriate location.

The City Planning Commission will forward their recommendations to the City Council for action.  The Restaurant Depot Project will be heard by the Planning & Land Use Committee prior to action by the City Council and Mayor.  Please check back with us for meeting dates, locations and updates on this project. 


The proposed Restaurant Depot will be the first case on the agenda. You will need to arrive early to get a parking place and a seat at the hearing.  There will be speaker cards for you to complete if you wish to comment.

If you cannot attend the hearing, your voice can still be heard.  Since time is of the essence, you can send an email to and to James.K.Williams@lacity.orgPlease indicate your name, address, and phone number on your email; refer to the “entire” Case File information indicated above.

Please note that this is only the 2nd hearing; there will be a PLUM committee hearing and then to the City Council.  Again, if you wish your voice to be heard you should attend these as well.  We will provide you with information as soon as we are in receipt.

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to call our board message phone 818-892-8899 and your call will be returned promptly or send an email to board@nhwnc.netUpdates will be posted on our website


If you don’t, you should!

Proposed 4
Proposed Restaurant Depot on Woodley/Chase

Restaurant Depot is a “members only“ facility for restaurant owners who have a business license or a non-profit organization. It is not open to the public! They are trying to obtain a rezoning of the property from residential to industrial and to relocate from the current location on Strathern in Van Nuys to the Budweiser property at I6l40 W. Chase St.. North Hills. CA 91343 (currently open space.)


The North Hills West Neighborhood Council has taken a position AGAINST this project because the Restaurant Depot is a Commercial 83,000 sq. ft. building being built in an area zoned for single family homes.  The NHWN Council has determined that the noise, traffic and size of the project would have a detrimental effect on property values in the area and would harm the surrounding residential community.

Proposed 3

For more information, contact:

Peggy Burgess-Resident/Stakeholder
NHWNC Planning & Land Use Committee


Proposed 1

To contact the NHWNC:

Telephone (818) 892-8899 or write to:
NHWNC P.O. Box 2091, North Hills, CA 91343

To read the Department of Planning’s Recommendation Report to the City Planning Commission, click here.

To read the details of the Restaurant Depot Plans for the new facility, click here.


To see Restaurant Depot’s detailed Chase Street Traffic Study Report, click here


To view the maps of the location – 16140ChaseExhibit1 (1) and 16140ChaseExhibit2

To view the NHWNC’s consultant submission letter – Submission Report