Empower LA


The City of Los Angeles established the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE) in 1999 to implement Empower LA, the nation’s largest and most innovative initiative in civic engagement and citizen-based government. 

Through Empower LA, neighborhood councils are created to help improve the quality of life of City of Los Angeles residents. Neighborhood Councils promote public participation in government and work to improve government responsiveness to local concerns. 

The Empower LA network currently consists of 95 neighborhood councils throughout the city.  This network continues to grow as more neighborhood councils are created.

DONE and Neighborhood Councils are governed by the Board of Neighborhood Commissioners which was established in 1999 by the City Charter.  The Commission consists of five members from diverse backgrounds to represent the geographic areas of the City of Los Angeles.  Together, the Commissioners provide policy and oversight over DONE and Neighborhood Councils.

To learn more about Neighborhood Councils and Empower LA, please click on the link below:

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment Website