NHWNC Committees

 (as of July 18, 2013)

This committee works primarily to keep the North Hills West area up to the standards of its residents/stakeholders.  They will look into painting over graffiti, planting native California plants in community planters, taking care of weed control, etc.

  1. Jaynee Thorne / 
  2. Marina Adlivankina / 
  3. Mike Khalid / Resident/Stakeholder
  4. Mike Majors / Resident/Stakeholder
  5. Punam Gohel / Resident/Stakeholder
  6. Amal Shahin / Resident/Stakeholder
  7. Carly Fraser / Resident/Stakeholder
  8. Taisiya Smith / Resident/Stakeholder
This committee is involved in all areas of the council monetary operations;  how money is spent and where it is allocated,  i.e. board phone expense, meeting room rental, etc.

  1. Mary Armenteros / Chair
  2. Anita Goldbaum / 
  3. Debra Francisco
  4. Debra Perkins / Resident/Stakeholder
This committee is dedicated to keeping the North Hills West residents/stakeholders up to date on items that they may need to prepare for an Earthquake or any other type of disaster we may encounter.  They will advise on what items we should keep on hand, water, canned food, emergency radios, etc.

  1. John McGovern / 
  2. Tino Julian / Chair
  3. Dave Brown / Resident/Stakeholder
  4. Mike Khalid /Resident/Stakeholder
This committee is involved with:  Events – the preparation of all council events, such as a BBQ Day In The Park, An Evening of Music and Arts at the Don Ameche Estate, etc.  Marketing – to ensure that everyone in the North Hills area are aware of the events that the council will be sponsoring.  Outreach – one of the most important areas of this committee, ensuring that all North Hills West residents/stakeholders are notified in a timely manner of events, community news, etc. whether via mail, for those who do not have computers, via Call Fire for those who wish to be contacted via phone and, of course, thru our website mailing list.

  1. Anita Goldbaum / 
  2. Nancy Xander / 
  3. David Hyman / Chair
  4. Robin Tyler
  5. Patricia Harrison
  6. Mary Armenteros
  7. Mike Khalid / Resident/Stakeholder
This committee is heavily involved in how land use is  being developed within our community.  It is an essential committee to any council.  There are serious issues regarding rezoning in residential areas to commercial as well as gathering input from residents regarding possible illegal use of land management.

  1. John McGovern / 
  2. Robin Tyler / Chair
  3. Peggy Burgess / Resident/Stakeholder
  4. Amal Shahin / Resident/Stakeholder
  5. Punam Gohel / Resident/Stakeholder

This committee governs the rules that a council must abide by.  In example, if the bylaws contain something that needs to be changed, corrected, or added they see to it that this is completed in a timely fashion, presented to DONE for approval  and ensure that the residents/stakeholders are aware of the changes.  This committee also handles any of the particulars with regard to elections which are every 2 years; preparation of election information, etc.

  1. Nancy Xander / Chair
  2. Frank Klein / 
  3. Debra Francisco
  4. Robin Tyler
  5. Garry Fordyce / Resident/Stakeholder
  6. Peggy Burgess / Resident/Stakeholder
  7. Yey Alcid / Resident/Stakeholder
  8. Darleen Rogers / Resident/Stakeholder
  9. Ernie Hilger / Resident/Stakeholder
  10. Dave Brown / Resident/Stakeholder
This is a newly formed committee.  The members of this committee have a technical background and provide the council with microphones, voice and/or video taping of meetings, set up audio/visual equipment for any required guest speaker presentations

  1. Dave Brown / Resident/Stakeholder
  2. David Raybould / Resident/Stakeholder
  3. Frank Klein / Chair
Click here for the complete list in pdf form.