2012-2013 NHWNC Board of Governors


JOHN McGOVERN, President
John McGovernJohn McGovern is a North Hills resident.  He feels that the neighborhood is heading in the wrong direction and is determined to get it positive again.  He pledges to work closely with the City Council and LAPD to ensure that our neighborhood is safe for all.  He brings common sense and hard work to get North Hills back on track again.
ROBIN TYLER, General Board Member
Robin Tyler has lived in North Hills since 1987.  She is a National Activist and believes that the neighborhood should continue to maintain its residential zones.  Her goals for the community include preventing the development of Restaurant Depot and the elimination of street car racing through the installation of speed bumps.  She hears the concerns of the community and continues to listen to what the people want done.
Mary Armenteros has been a homeowner in North Hills West for over 25 years.  She is active in community organizations, including the Sepulveda Homeowners Association, and has served as the Neighborhood Watch Block Captain.  She has over 30 years professional experience in bank and finance, consumer and commercial lending & management.
Debra-FranciscoDebra Francisco has lived in North Hills West since 1986 and has a professional background in office management and administrative skills.  She brings a fresh view to the council that is honest and fair.  She wants to ensure that the interests of residents/stakeholders are met and their voices heard.


As a North Hills resident, Anita Goldbaum wants an informed, inclusive, safe, and peaceful residential community.  She promises to listen to the stakeholders and strive to make North Hills a better community to live in.
David Hyman is a native of the Valley.  His family moved to Sepulveda just in time for him to start at Gledhill St School.  Later David attended another stakeholder school, Monroe, and later graduated at nearby CSUN.  He lives a mile away from where he grew up and is a letter carrier a block away from this same neighborhood.  His wife Rosalyn is a Community College instructor.
Tino JulianTino Julian has lived in North Hills since 2006.  He promises to enact policies that benefit the entire community.  He believes that progress is inevitable but can be guided with diligence by those who reside here.
Patricia HarrisonPat Harrison, born in Florida moved to New York and became a successful hi-fashion model.  She went on to become a comedian, working college campuses and filming several pilots for ABC network television.  She starred in a Krofft Comedy Hour special.  She went on to associate produce music and comedy festivals.  As well as being a model and performer, she started her own pet reflective collar business.  She loves animals, has helped rescue feral cats, and has worked with Fixed Nation, the organization that fixes feral cats.  She is a people person, a problem solver, and has been a resident of North Hills West for 25 years.


As a new homeowner in North Hills, Marina Adlivankina is enthusiastic to be involved in the community.  She wants to give back, learn about issues that affect the area and meet her neighbors.  She hopes to bring new energy to the council.
FRANK KLEIN, Vice-President
Frank Klein has lived in North Hills for 29 years.  He strives to ensure that the voice of the community is heard.
Jaynee Thorne wants to make a difference in her neighborhood.  Her desire is to make her neighborhood a sanctuary, one where community members are well informed and more participatory.  Her goal is to beautify the streets of North Hills West.
Nancy Xander enjoys the North Hills West neighborhood and lifestyle.  She is focused  on protecting quality of life and ensuring that North Hills West remains a great place to live in.  She will continue to listen to the opinions of neighbors and support their views.