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approved  September 1, 2015

thumbnail of North Hills West NC Bylaws 2015.09.01

The following proposed Standing Rules

Were presented and approved at the April 20, 2017 General Board Meeting
Standing Rules:
All discussion regarding an agenda item shall be relevant and germain to the topic at hand
The presiding officer shall enforce this
Standing Rules
Board member comments need to be first recognized by the presiding officer
The presiding officer shall enforce this
Standing Rules
Website postings:
The Presiding Officer shall approve all NC website postings, with the exception of routine items
such as agendas, MERʼs, minutes, and calendar events.
Objections regarding postings or non postings of non routine items may be brought before the full Board
by any member for discussion and possible action.
Standing Rules
Recorded media:
Will be maintained so as to be available, for a minimum of 60 days
following the approval of the minutes the recording represents.
After which the recording media may be erased and re-purposed.