About North Hills West

North Hills Center at Balboa Boulevard and Devonshire Street is the oldest Granada Hills shopping center. Thurlow S. Culley (inset, left) is the last 1927 pioneer. Frank Wilcox (inset, right) in fifth term as honorary mayor, was honored Jan. 11 by “Frank Wilcox Day” proclaimed by Mayor Yorty. Photo dated: March 6, 1964. Source: Los Angeles Public Library: http://jpg2.lapl.org/pics34/00051883.jpg

North Hills is one of the oldest communities in the San Fernando Valley.  Located in the City of Los Angeles, it was originally named Mission Acres.  Area developers later changed its name to Sepulveda after the Sepulveda family whose roots trace back to the founding of the city.

In 1992, the residents of the west half of the area successfully seceded to create the new neighborhood of North Hills. North Hills is bounded by Northridge on the west, Panorama City on the east, Van Nuys to the south, and Granada Hills to the North. 

North Hills West represents that part of North Hills immediately west of the San Diego Freeway (Interstate 405).

The North Hills West Neighborhood Council has jurisdiction over the area bounded as follows:

  • North:  Devonshire Street
  • South:  Roscoe Boulevard
  • East:  San Diego Freeway (I-405)
  • West:  Bull Creek between Roscoe Boulevard and Lassen Street; west on Lassen St. to Balboa Blvd.; Balboa Blvd. between Lassen Street and Devonshire St.

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