2012 Crime Statistics

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LAPD Releases 2012 Crime Statistics
On Jan. 7, the LAPD released its year-end citywide crime statistics for 2012, showing that overall, crime has continued to decline in the City for 10 years. The City has seen a 39% drop in homicides since in 2005 . Serious crimes such as homicide, rape, burglary and theft in 2012 were also down 19% compared with 2005.

Total violent crimes in 2012 were 8.2% lower than in 2011 and 40.2% lower than in 2005. Total property crimes were up .2% over 2011, but were still lower 23.6% lower than in 2005. To see the LAPD 2012 Crime Snapshot report, visit http://tiny.cc/kjgmqw.

The men and women of the LAPD who protect and serve our community every day have our deep gratitude and admiration.